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Posted by on 2001 Mar 13 |

New Prydaen Hub forms and a Pryde renamed

(Crossing, Zoluren: Skullcleaver 364)

Prydaen gatherings are gaining ground within Elanthia. Recently a few things of great import have occurred concerning all Prydaens.

The biggest news is the naming of a Prydaen Hub, the Sunwarren Hub, named in the traditional style of our great ancestors. The hub is led by the great Moon Mage Meerc, and kept even by a council. This is a large gathering of Prydaens and is growing each week. Meetings are held every Saturday at 1 Elothian Standard Time. A perminent site has not been found for the hub meetings as of yet, so if your Prydaen and interested you will find me, Sleigher (a.k.a. Sledhead) at the west gate of crossings shortly before 1 EST and we will get to the site from there.

The hub also has a new council name, the Council of the Phoenix. Each guild is represented within the council (including commoners).

Finally, within the hub there is a new Prydaen Mentor program. Dedicated to assisting young Prydaens to grow. We do not just sit in a mansion and talk with the young kits, we actually take them out to hunt/trade/heal/get favors, we assist with weapons, armor, and magic items and their uses. The program is meant to be a very proactive one and seems to be working well so far.

A Prydaen Pryde (smaller gathering) has been meeting for sometime now in the tower just past the brook leading to Wolf Clan. A recent change in leadership has left the Pryde in the very capable hands of Cjarrik (a commoner with incredible talents).

The Pryde has also gone through a change in names and again in keeping with the traditions of our great Prydaen ancesters has aptly been named Sunbrook. Meetings of the Pryde are held in the tower on Tuesdays at 8 Elothian Standard Time (EST)

If you are proud of being a member of the greatest race plan on attending a meeting soon!!!