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Posted by on 2001 Mar 25 |

No Thanks to a Gypsy Prince

(Therenborough, Therengia: 251 Moliko 364)

Baresh looks up as a short figure enters the bar. A huge smile crosses his lips. "Grimslayer long time no see friend!"

Grimslayer in a foul mood crosses to the bar and manages a rye smile. "Grim why so glum my dwarven friend." Grim points at the ale barrel Baresh keeps in the corner for his dwarven customers and sighs.

"Oh I am just angry. I tend to get upset when people try to assassinate me."

Baresh smiles knowingly he well knows Grim tends to make enemies of the roughest characters.

"Who is it this time my friend" Baresh probes knowing Grim will tell him everything in a plain and honest way as always.

"Oh the Gypsy prince, Talorc. Up in Therin the Gypsies have been having a civil war. It seems that there are some brothers fighting over who will be the next king of the gypsies. One brother named Raymer the other Talorc, Well Talorc has been sending his gypsies into Therin and attacking the people there.

I over heard this Talorc saying he wanted his brother’s heart on a platter. It seems they are supposed to fight to the death to see who will be next king. Well you know me I said to him, "People talk too much; if you’re going to fight then fight and stop talking about it." I am a plain dwarf and think boasting about what you want to do or what your going to do is a waste of time and breath. Well he didn’t respond to me at the time.

Later when the Gypsies attacked Therin I of course went to defend the city. To make a long story short, it seemed like a fighter named Nystarn, who had offended Talorc in some other way and myself were targeted by the invaders. I killed many but had to retreat. Towena another dwarf I think you know her was hurt and went to get some help.

I was left alone in the center of town when from nowhere I was ambushed. Talorc came out of hiding and a brilliant moonbeam descended from the sky and struck my head. The city guards drug him away before I could send a bolt at him for his trouble. I tended my head and went on defending the city. All I know now is this back shooting gypsy now an enemy for life.

Grim finished his ale and paid Baresh for listening more then for the ale he drank. Baresh yelled at Grimslayer’s back as he left. "Take care my friend who makes enemies of generals and princes".