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Posted by on 2001 Mar 5 |

Rat and his Rats

(Crossing, Zoluren: 172 Uthmor 364)

A grumbling,truding dwarf,beardless suprisingly comes in,hefting his mace over into the sheaft behind his back,clambering up into a barstool.

"Well Baresh,Ive got a tale for you my friend!"

"I was wandering about the crossing,exploring as usual,seeing if anything interesting was happening about our town,and well,something did. I noticed several sewer rats attacking people,well,I did nae advanced,seeing the people taking care of themselves,so I followed the trail of rats,where I ran into Aedell,a Human. Well,he looked much like a rat,and his clothing was very poor and slime covered,he was a lost waif.

Well,his rats started to attack me,for he called them his, and I still didnt attack.

"Why do ye attack the people me friend? Whats wrong" was the question I shouted,blocking rat fangs and claws.

"Rat eat! rats eat!" was his answer

"Well,let me get you food! Anything ya want me friend,just tell us what ya want!"

"Golden Apples"

"Well,I’ll get them if ye stop attacking the people"

Suprisingly enough,the rats stopped attacking me and retreated.

"Go now,you find"

Well,needless to say,I went off as fast as I could,picking up a Prydaen War Mage,whos name I forget at the moment,and high tailed it to Theren.

Once there,we picked five apples,moon gated our arses back to Crossing and found our friend,Aedell once more.

We gave him those apples,which he glady accepted(along with several more gifts we bestowed upon the poor boy).

"Rat thanks,rats thank" was his reply.

"Well,Rat(Aedell) Is very strange,he has a special touch,the touch of a empath,along with the magic of the empath. He was diseased,but healed himself constantly,as long as trying to help me when I was diseased. Well,we warned him about some people wanting to hurt him for sending his rats above to find food,and he disappeared,totally.

We searched,and searched,to no avail. Around this time,death claimed me. A sewer rat came and dragged me from the sewers to the Crossing.

Well,I wont go into details,but I was forced to depart,at me second circle with no favors..but didnt walk! The gods shined their light upon me for sure. The clerics in the guild didnt seem to see my self sacrifice,where I had to save the peoples of Crossing before getting favors for myself."

"For now,I leave you with this. If ye see this boy,Aedell(Rat) do not harm him,nor his rats,give him a golden apple! But if ye do harm him,ye will answer to a very….very unhappy dwarf."

Gavish slides from the stool,glancing about the room with a dangerous,dwarven eye,hefting his mace and slapping it against his hand before he makes his way out once more into the night.