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Posted by on 2001 Apr 14 |

S’Kra Kor Attack

(Ilithi: 304 Skullcleaver 364)

The S’Kra Kor have yet again popped up in towns everywhere, not just Shard. An attack has been seen happening in Crossing Bank area. The portals have been sliding towards certain people. These people need to beware for they are the ones S’Kra Kor are after. They should be watched carefully and made sure not to be taken.

Beware, also that the S’kra Kor are deadly and dangerous. The shamans have spells that stun while the warriors will finish you off. They have killed barbarians at the Weapon Dancer level. Once again beware.

Thank you. Jzerroth Giltz, noble Paladin of the Realms.