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Posted by on 2001 Mar 26 |

The Empath, The Bard, and the Kor

(Crossing, Zoluren: 256 Moliko 364)

The middle-aged S’kra Mur steps quietly through the doorway, making his way quickly towards Baresh. Mid-stride he flips a coin in his direction, and before it even lands, Baresh hears him make the familiar request.

"Get me drunk, quickly," he says with a chuckle.

Baresh gives a grin, catching the coin and placing several shots of deep-chilled S’kra nectar on the counter.

"Baresh, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in here, but I don’t really have time for pleasantries."

He grabs the first shot, and suddenly it’s gone, the only sign of it even moving is the loud CLANG sound as he heavily sets the glass upside down on the bar.

"As a previous patron stated, the S’kra Kor have revealed themselves openly, but not just in Shard. In Haven and in Crossing as well, though they were quickly fended off with.. some losses."

Baresh nods slowly, then after a moment, he can’t help but ask.

"Taerus, what are these.. S’kra Kor? Are they like your kind?"

A loud CLANG echoes through the room, and the second shot is gone.

"Similiar, yes. But the similiarities are purely physical, except for the razor-like tips of their tails. I’ve come here tonight to share what I know about them. I’ll relay facts only, m’friend. I won’t dare share the hypotheses I’ve come up with in the past few days.."

Another loud CLANG, and the third shot was nothing but a memory.

"The Kor are, for lack of a better term, possessed, mutated S’kra. Their strength is derived from some supernatrual means. This makes them quite vulnurable to Holy Magic and blessed weapons, be it bolts, arrows, or good ol’ fashioned blades. Their Shamans are skilled with several spells, not the least of which are Fire Ball and what appears to be a derivite of Dragon’s Breath."

"Their goals, though we don’t know the extent of them, are somewhat revealed. An Empath woman, Cholette, bearing the birthmark of a Dragon’s head, was taken from Riverhaven a few nights ago. Shortly after, the reports of a dragon over Therenborough reached me."

Two more swift movements, and 2 more shots of nectar are but swiftly fleeting memories.

"Another woman, Fyffe, a Bardess of some reknown in Crossing, bears a birthmark of an entire dragon upon her neck. After what happened when we lost Cholette, I must advise that whenever she is visible, she be kept under watch, but not so much so that she feels crowded and on a leash."

One final CLANG, and the last shot was downed, quick as the rest of them.

"One last clue we have to them is a name. Tsaram. I would appreciate anyone that has any information on this person.. or persons.. or diety.. would be greatly appreciated."

Baresh nods slowly, clearing the shot glasses from the bartop as the S’kra turns on his heel, exiting just as he had come, leaving Baresh with the earful he had heard to think over.