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Posted by on 2001 Mar 29 |

The Great Dreamwalker has been spotted in Theren!

(Therenborough, Therengia: 261 Moliko 364)

The Great Dreamwalker was spotted in Theren by myself Protector Skavabrow. He spoke to me along with some fellow Elothian citizens. He reminded us of the war which had followed in the past in which he was involved.

At first, I did not recognize him, even after he mentioned his name "Dreamwalker." I did not know of his name until that moment and did not realize I was in the presence of a legend. He spoke to us for a long while about his past and the events to come. He mentioned of a war in which would be a great one involving a historical creature. This creature I now believe to be the great dragon which hath once plagued our great world before. If I had known, I would have showed much more respect to this legend. No one else that was there recognized him either, but we could immediately tell that he was old, powerful, and wise. I believe that this sudden occurence of the great legend along with the paladin Strongcloud is a sign of what is to come in the future of Elanthia along with the rumors of the return of the dragon.

I only hope that as a paladin, I may serve honorably in the war against this historic creature if it is to come to past. This event occured just before the great invasion in theren by the gypsies along with ichor rats. I believe he knew of this invasion by his strange knowing that we should move from the area.

I can only hope that I have the honor to speak with this great legend only once more, for that I shall try to find out the secrets of Elanthia.