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Posted by on 2003 Jun 16 |

A Few Brief Words on the Grishnok/Jomay Situation

(Crossing, Zoluren: 372) And I apologise now, for it will be brief. This document intends only to be the simplest overview of current matters. It is my hope that others with greater information will come forward and leave their tales with Baresh, for others to hear.

It is to my understanding that Grishnok, a goblin who has long now been an enemy of our people, is now joined with the lady Jomay. I will be ensuring that their entries in the Encyclopedia will have proper information, but, to wit:
Grishnok has harried Zoluren for some years now, taking heads, taking lives, and in more recent times, had help in taking Empathic hostages, including Kaith Partani Edenlaen. As of this writing, most of those Empaths had been freed, although, I am told, not without casualties.

Jomay is oft referred to as ‘that witch’. Seemingly an Empath, and seemingly been around possibly for centuries, Jomay is possessed of unusual abilities that Empaths themselves have now discovered. Suffice to say that, while not illegal, it would not be prudent to discuss that ability openly.

Jomay also has a kind of connection with Grishnok, treating him like a kind of adopted son. And now, together, they have begun a campaign to take over the abandoned Gorbesh Forts. The one in Ilithi is now theirs, as part of the deal brokered to free the hostages, and recently the Therenborough and possibly the Dirge area ones have come under siege.

They have allies. One is the pirate Jourok, who captains a ship at Grishnok’s expense, acting as a cruel sort of merchant vessel for him, until his contract is complete. The other, seemingly, may be Velmix. While Velmix is sometimes seen as a poor man’s Sidhlot, he’s no one to trifle with. His motives in these matters are unknown, but his monsters have created havok for them. We have seen Sky Giants, undead, and other troubles out of him.

And while the Children of Kalestraum are not their allies, and indeed seem to have little interest in Grishnok and Jomay’s goals, they have been known to throw out a Moon Gate or two, as it amuses them.

Grishnok and Jomay are quite dangerous, and their motives are likely not healthy for any of us. There have been rumors of late that Jomay is Dzree herself, returned for vengeance and destruction, though I have not yet seen hard proof of that theory.

As usual, it is dark times coming for us. Peace is a rarity in these lands. Keep watch, and speak of what you know. It is in knowledge and awareness that we will find our keys to survival.

-The statements in this document are from the best of my knowledge, and errors may occur. If so, then they are my fault and responsibility. I would appreciate any attempts to clarify or correct matters.–