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Posted by on 2003 Sep 28 |

Bards Hear More Stunning and Disturbing Sounds

(Crossing, 321 Dolefarn 373

I was sitting on the Green with friends, when suddenly my mind was assailed by even more awful noises than before. I was stunned, literally, and could not move, so agonizing was what I heard.

Unfortunately, it bears up my greatest fear — that a bard is captive somewhere, and undergoing torture. Why? I do not know. Where? I do not know. Who? I do not know. Let me share with you what I heard, though…Suddenly agonizing wails of despair lanced into my mind. After a few seconds the painful shrieks ended, only to be replaced by what sounded like the horrible rasp of a saw cutting through bone. A low gurgling chuckle followed by deliberate humming were the last things I heard before the sounds fade entirely.

I was so glad I was back from my hunt, because I was stunned for quite a time.