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Posted by on 2003 Oct 4 |

Drums Beat, Naarg Turns Up Heat

(The Crossing, 341 Dolefaren 373)

Somewhere from deep inside the Dense Forest, we heard the faint sounds of beating drums. Everyone in the Crossing area heard them. As alarmed citizens wondered what it was, the sounds got louder. Experienced adventurers were advising younger ones to get battle-ready, or to safe spots. There was a hurried effort to heal themselves up in the Empath’s Guild, and available clerics reported to the Cleric Guild.

The drums got louder. Instructions were thought out over the gwethdesuans, along with the usual folks who sell things during a crisis, of course. Suddenly, an ominous quiet fell over the Dense Forest as the beating drums stopped.

Someone near me said, “Ut-oh.” That was precisely what I was thinking.It was Naarg, the ogre chieftan, with a company of ogres, goblins, and even some cyclops. He has been stirring up trouble west of the brook, with Grishnok’s encouragement, and fighting against adventurers. Sometimes they bring the trouble to town. Sometimes The Crossing brings the trouble to them!

But Naarg was not without allies this time. In addition to his usual goblin troops, the ogres, and the cyclops, Raellia, rogue barbarian pit mistress, was shoring his attack up with her own ‘laddies’.

The fighting was quickly driven out of town and back beyond the brook, where it subsided a good deal quicker than expected. Much to everyone’s relief.

Watchers were still keeping an eye on the area. More trouble is expected.

In the meanwhile, Captain Rufhelous had a meeting with interested people from Zoluren and Illithi in Leth Deriel about all the things going on.

Clerics are encouraging everyone to remember to replenish their favors.