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Posted by on 2003 Dec 14 |

A Report on Children and Gylwyn’s Bad Day

(227 Arhat 374)

It started, perhaps, with nothing more innocuous that the Children of Kalestraum engaging in the usual banal banter on the gweth.

It ends with more mysteries and a rightfully annoyed Guildmistress.
But a few nights ago from this writing, the Crossing and its denizens were going about their daily lives. There was no scent of trouble in the air. The guilds were going about their work and Moon Mages were busy training and studying this new brand of vision questing we’ve been handed. And then a pair of them came to pass.

During this day, a number of the Children slowly came awake and decided to create their patented brand of mayhem.

It starts first with the presence of Ealuik, his voice on the gweth, and a Shadewatch Mirror on… me. Fun. I reply some pointless little amusement about wondering if he wanted something or if I should just start hiding and screw up his show. I did not expect the young Votary Tressoth to speak from the shadows perhaps a foot behind me, and reply to my remarks.

Gentle reader, I am not stupid, slow, or particularly brave when outgunned. I ran like a jackrabbit on samatak.

A few roisaen later, the classic hell broke loose. Tressoth seemed to create a streak of monstrosities throughout the city, focusing mainly on the Green, the main thoroughfares connecting the gates, and then pitching a few gaharzen around.

Meanwhile, Karosti and an attendant (Xailes, I believe) begin a slow trek north starting from the presumed hideout in Leth Deriel. After the mayhem begins, Ealuik’s precise doings and whereabouts are unknown, although at one point during the night he informs Karosti that his deed is complete. Others of the Children awake at this time are sighted throughout the city helping the mayhem along.

By the time Karosti lands Crossing-side, it’s a regular mess. A few people manage to land a couple of blows on the Shadebringer, Commander Blasword’s concussive strike being the most notable.

Unusually, Karosti seemed to use some sort of bizarre defensive measure, even under such duress.

Eventually, Karosti and his attendant again begin a move north, possibly accompanied by others of his crew along the NTR. Other of the Zoluren forces (mostly unoffical, mind) had already gone on ahead to Haven and Throne City to ensure there were no problems there. There had been a rumor of a threat against the sleeping Councillors of Throne earlier in the day.

I, meanwhile, had jumped a few portals and begun the barge trip to help keep an eye on Throne City. I’m unaware of most of the precise facts of Karosti’s journey, but I know he fought his way to Haven, where one of his Children began a hunt of the Moon Mage mistress Gylwyn.

Gylwyn, being nobody’s fool, had already grabbed one of the most priceless treasures under her care and slipped away to Throne City to seek Grandmaster Taramaine. This I and the lady Kelvena eventually left the guarding of the Councillors to go and witness, along with many others who had discovered the goings on.

In sum, Gylwyn smuggled away a precious fragment of Grazhir, a shard that, in terrible hands, could mean great danger to the Guild. It is now under the Guild’s care, and in response to Gylwyn’s umbrage at the lack of protection in Riverhaven, the Grandmaster is looking into the creation of a more secure hall in the Haven.

There is possibly also now a Y’Shai guard assigned to Gylwyn’s care, although her insistence that there must be more security seemed to be met with a bit more… casual lack of worry than one might expect of the leader of a besieged guild.

Taramaine has always been known for his… confidence, however, and remains sure that the Guild will remain strong against this threat.

By my hand,
Khaman Vairson