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Posted by on 2003 Nov 6 |

Activity on the Northern Isles

(75 Ka’len 374, Qi’Reshallia)

After recent news of increased attacks by various forces on both Qi and the mainland, the northern isles of Aesry Surlaenis’a and Ratha have started to prepare. The adventurers of both have been rumored to have called meetings to discuss the defence of their homeland. Both have also sought to work in tandem with their local authorities.In particular, the adventurers of Aesry have seem to have contacted the government there and are attempting to form a sort of citizen’s militia. No word has spread whether this attempt has succeeded or not. Either way, it is clear that both these islands don’t intend to be as easily sieged as the mainland and the isle of M’riss.

All those who seek to attack or overtake these islands will not have an easy time. The ideal geography of Aesry for defence and the great naval powers of Ratha will not be easy to overcome, especially with the help of the adventurers.