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Posted by on 2003 Nov 13 |

Amlach and the Mayor of Riverhaven

(104 Lirisa 374)

Provincial Guard Amlach, (who serves our Baron) was in Riverhaven to gather an escort for Mayor Bressail from Langenfirth, via the barge.Bressail is incase you don’t know is the Mayor of Riverhaven. He passed word to those in hearing distance from the Baron, to say that the Baron would be having an audience soon, descussing the impending war.

Word has it that Bressail’s stay at the Baron’s Hunting Lodge went well.

Well Baresh this is not much of a story, though I thought your patrons needed something more to hear when they come for drinks.

~Callek Cronstanarq, Treasurer of the Order of the Apostles
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