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Posted by on 2003 Nov 3 |

Moon Mage Visions Show Golden-eyed Woman

(64 Ka’len 374)

I haven’t seen them, myself, being not of that particular persuasion, but rumor has it that Moon Mages have been seeing various odd visions for the last while — odder than usual, anyway, or different, at the very least.

The common theme of these things seems to be some sort of cloaked figure, occasionally with golden eyes visible, often seeming very happy about some odd thing or another.Now, there’s been a rash of cloaked figures about, recently, and they rarely bring good news. It’s also bad manners, running around with your face concealed. Because of the abundance of these people who seem to be going to great trouble to appear suspicious, I can’t really say who’s who and what’s what, but I can say what I know of these visions, relayed to me by a friend of mine.

Apparently, there have been several, but whether or not all of these are tied together is anyone’s guess. Some have shown black birds circling over a city that might be Shard, some have shown that golden-eyed woman. One had her smiling, one had her in some sort of dark room filled with cages, and in the most recent, she was laughing while some sort of half-visible creature broke her arm with its jaws.

So what does it mean? I don’t have any sort of clue at all, but anyone who’s that cheerful is either crazy or selling something.