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Posted by on 2003 Dec 24 |

Officers Singled Out By Assassins

(265 Moliko 374)

In what looked like a coordinated effort from Therenborough to Shard, the Commanders and Lieutenants of the Provincial Forces were attacked by obviously hired assasins.

Thugs and footpads with a good deal of skill attacked, and sometimes successfully killed Commanders and their officers in the three provinces over several anlas.As we stood about wondering why this would be happening, and what the purpose was, most Commanders and Lieutenants did not tarry anywhere alone.

These assassins were using poison, some attacked from hiding, and all of them ran like the wind if they were able.

They carried scimitars with a broken dagger on them. A symbol that has been seen before, but nobody is saying whose symbol that is.

When the last assassin was killed, it held a note on it that read, “Take out designated targets ~Comm. P.D.”

Some people were a bit too quick to jump to the conclusion that note was from Commander Pureblade De’clon — and when I left town things were in somewhat of a disarray.

Of course the enemy does what they can to divide us against ourselves and sully the name of our Commanders with pitiful attempts like this.