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Posted by on 2004 Jan 12 |

Poisoning People in the Park

(344 Dolefaren 374)

Apparently, one should be very careful about what one imbibes at the local Zoluren taverns lately.

There is one somewhat confirmed account at this time of a poisoned drink being served at the Half Pint Inn in the city of Crossing. A local man is claimed to have suffered a severe dosing of a lethal substance in his beverage. This is coming fairly shortly after a fellow named Zanipher also consumed a liquid with a trace amount of poison during a small party in Taelbert’s a few weeks ago.
Regrettably, the amount of solid detail I have is scarce at this time. I hope to see a further report on this shortly.

Please drink responsibly, and have a designated caravan driver. And a backup healer. And favors.