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Posted by on 2003 Nov 29 |

Prince Reveals New Ally, Names More Commanders

(149 Shorka 374)

Prince Vorclaf of Zoluren held a public audience at his Keep. Here he revealed a new ally in the Goblin Prince Tnok, and announced more Commanders in the Zoluren Army.

Vorclaf started, “Greetings nobles, citizens of Zoluren and her guests. The past days have brought more developments in the plots of the criminal Grishnok and his rogue groups. I have been in meeting with a representive of the goblin people. This Prince Tnok has informed me that they wish to distance themselves from any connection with Grishnok. He also states that if we were to dispose of Grishnok, he would be willing to share valuable information on the objectives of the necromancer known as Velmix. The goblin prince described a time where the necromancer held power over many of the goblin race and that it would be to the mutual benefit of both our lands if his plots were revealed.”The Prince was solemn as he continued, “The goblin prince is not to be considered an enemy. Nor should he be embraced. There were many differences that we could not resolve. However, in these two matters we are agreed; that the criminal Grishnok must be disposed of and that the necromancer Velmix is more of a threat than is currently realized.”

“He has reluctantly agreed that his forces will not attack any in the Zoluren lands as long as they are not provoked. His scouts bear the symbol of crossed scimitars and flaming arrows. I have stated they are not to enter Crossing proper and that if the criminal Grishnok is sighted, it will be left for our forces to handle. After our meeting, he stated he would return to his tribes and inform his people of the agreements made. While I have no reason to doubt his intentions, I do advise caution in these matters for all citizens.”

“The next development we have learned is that a band of rogue Merelew have aided the Pirates. We observed in the past days of a device being constructed and used on the outer edges of Zoluren waters. This device was seen to raise the raiding ship, Reaver from the depths of the seas. This disturbs me greatly, as many years ago these ships were sunk at great cost to the Zoluren navy. I have been in discussion with Fleet Commander Chellene and she informs me that the Dolphin and the Secret are now war ready, should it come to such.”

“With these recent developments,” Prince Zorclaf announced, “I have decided that we are going to add more commanders to the ranks of the Zoluren militia.”

The Prince then recognized the M’Riss Delegation and gave them authority within Zoluren borders, “As Zoluren will aid M’Riss, M’Riss will aid Zoluren if there is need.” He formally recognized the new Ambassador from M’Riss to Zoluren, Ambassador Deloria Sheenly, and noted that this was the first time there had been an Ambassador from M’Riss to Zoluren.

Prince Vorclaf commissioned the new Commanders in the Zoluren forces, one by one calling their name and using his gleaming blue-steel longsword etched with the crest of Sorvendig in the traditional ceremony of the Court, he officially commissioned them with this promotion. Named were Allarsk Cinquefoil, Chasitee Silvernite, Scandi Brasins, and reinstated was Pureblade De’clon. No tale of this audience would be complete without noting that there was a significant pause after he called Pureblade’s name.

The M’Riss Commanders, Kalyra Andreson, Relayer Eloy, and Grungy Fistsmasher stepped forward at the Prince’s request and were recognized.

Before he concluded the audience, the Prince reminded all present, “Let it be known, those commanders representing Zoluren are responsible for the conduct of those under them. They report to Captain Owaen, Fleet Commander Chellene and the Kaith Khalor directly. Begin the formations of your units, begin the patrols of Zoluren and M’riss. We will not be taken off guard by the criminal Grishnok nor any other evil element that threatens the peace in these lands.”

He went on, “The Ambassadors of Zoluren are granted power to represent my word in the lands they represent. Commanders, work together. We have never faced a threat before such as this. Commander Chellene will be sending ZEF schooners and ships to patrol the Zoluren waters. I encourage citizens who travel on private boats to observe any unusual happenings and report them immediately. Zoluren honors every citizen who takes a stand. Commanders, recognize those who serve with honor as they will be recognized when this conflict is resolved.”

With his final words, “You all have your duty, serve with honor and bring peace to Zoluren,” the audience was over, and Prince Vorclaf left the chamber.