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Posted by on 2003 Nov 13 |

Prince Vorclaf Announces Commanders

(104 Lirisa 374, The Crossing, Zoluren)

This evening, Prince Vorclaf Lasa’Sorvendig held a public meeting at Ulf’hara Keep. We knew he called the meeting to announce the Commanders of the Zoluren forces as the newest step in preparations for the proper defense of Zoluren.

The Herald Renshuel first called a number of citizens from the audience and up to the dais.After the members of the Prince’s court gathered with those called from the audience, the Prince joined them on the dais and began to speak.

The Prince began, “Since my last audience, there have been many new developments around Elanthia. In Zoluren alone, we have seen a rise of attacks in Crossing proper, surrounding areas and its shores.”

Then he told us, “Today I rejoice in the return of a loyal servant to Zoluren and one who served under my father. Many years ago, the Zoluren Lancers defended Crossing against the marauding Gorbesh soldiers. Many died that day doing what they had trained their lives to do.”

“Sir Owaen Bannistre stayed at his post and fought with honor. He returns to Zoluren to once again take part against that which faces us.”

The Prince turned to Owaen, saying, “Owaen Bannistre, in honor of my father Prince Belrindrick Sorvendig, In honor of all those who died defending Zoluren, I hereby award you the commission of Captain to the new Zoluren Lancers.”

Owaen stepped forward towards the Prince where he knelt before Prince Vorclaf.

Vorclaf said to Owaen, “My father would have been proud of your loyalty to him. I now accept the responsibility and honor to have you serve under me.”

“Milord Prince,” Owaen replied, “You honor me, and all those who have and will serve Zoluren.”

And with those words, the famed Lancers were back.

Prince Vorclaf continued, “With the leadership of Captain Owaen commanding the Zoluren Lancers, Fleet Commander Chellene commanding the Zoluren navy and Kaith Khalor Kaovales as overall general of the Zoluren forces, I am confident we will rise to meet this challenge.”

The Prince noted that now was the time to call those loyal to the crown to duty, and with that, began the next announced promotions for the evening, the rank of Commander.

First he formally reinstated past commanders that had served Zoluren previously. Each one was called individually as Owaen had been, and knelt before the Prince. Pointing his longsword at the Commander, the Prince reinstated each one formally.

Reinstated this evening were Candidus Custos, Galain Yancey, and Bilgrath Sharcoris.

The Prince then announced commissions to new Commanders, adding that “there will be more commanders chosen as needed in the days to come.”

New Zoluren Commanders commisioned this night were: Ashatyr Ca’alhoun, Nirveli Visolela, Xixist Forestwolf, Wordachy Upstuck, Paschein WellBorne, Sammee Joodoo, and Ciroce Eiram.

The Prince reminded the Commanders that their authority lay only within the boundaries of the Province of Zoluren, but if aid were requested by another Province, they were free to make the judgement to give it — provided command was handed over to the proper commanding authority of the other province.

Then the Prince addressed the Ambassadors on the dais with him, Seihjin, who will serve the Prince in Ilithi, and Athiana, who will serve the Prince in Therengia. He told them, “Your duty has never been of more import than now. You represent Zoluren and myself. Do so with honor and dignity.”

Ambassador Rayth Blackmoore was called in while the Commanders went to a private meeting with Kaovales, the Kaith Khalor. The Prince and Ambassador Blackmoore discussed the Ambassador’s current duties in the training of the new ambassadors and the settling of some matter in Ilithi. Ambassador Blackmoore was confident that Seihjin could handle further matters in Ilithi. The Prince mentioned being hesitant to reinstate Rayth’s command since his diplomatic matters were more important. The Prince and the Ambassador discussed moving Lord Blackmoore’s training and Court back to Zoluren to be near the Keep.

There were also named by the Herald Renshuel, but not present: Pureblade, Ibec, and Trantris. Although no formal explanation was made, those of us in the audience presume that these were also commanders who were unable to attend. Pureblade has served before as a Zoluren Commander in the past.