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Posted by on 2003 Nov 2 |

Prince Vorclaf’s Coronation (short)

(57 Ka’len 374)

Prince Vorclaf’s Coronation, Brief Notes.

This is a bit after the coronation, Baresh. As I have been digging through my notes causing myself some massive headaches.To put it quickly, the Baron and the Ferdahl, along with each of their respective Guards attended, as well as each of the Crossing area’s Guildleaders, and one or two Guildleaders from other town and cities.

There was nothing extremely out of the Ordinary, each payed our Prince a token of appreciation, some lending their swords/Magic (such as a few adventurers), others (such as some of the Guildleadrs) an item or two.

If I dig into my notes a bit more I will talk to you again, I just felt your patrons would be better off hearing this incase it takes me much longer to read my notes than I hope.

*Callek tosses quite a few plat on the bar, Baresh grabs them up before you can count them, what a payment!*