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Posted by on 2004 Jan 18 |

The Chalice Recovered! And More…

(367 Nissa 374)

Last night proved to be very busy for a number of people as Archrost and Velmix once again appeared. Velmix only sent his usual poison fog and whispers trying to discourage us. Archrost was the problem.

He first attempted to steal the book of Chadatru from Theren Keep, but was repulsed by a number of sturdy souls- Whom I now salute.
In Leth though, claws were coming up out of the ground to tear at the legs of any clerics who were about the area. Sir Candidus, Commander Allarsk, Dreamheart, and a number of others had set up a number of moongates and back-up triages. So in spite of the poison fog, claws, bone golems, kobold savages, and feral mastiffs, our losses were actually minimal, and soon recovered from.

After speaking with Lady Tallis, High Priest Brivibas came to us in the Solace and told us there was a grimoire that told of an ability that clerics of old used to have, and that we must save it from Archrost. Archrost, by that time, had returned to his hide-out in Ilithi. Brivibas fretted the whole time we were trying to prepare for any nasty surprises Archrost might throw at us, but soon we had several groups of peope heading down toward Archrost’s moor- where at long last we ran into Karszen again.

Karszen had apparently been very busy spying out the moor, and the church and cemetary. He was not too concerned about Archrost and pointed out that Archrost was but a pawn- an exceptionally foolish one at that. His concern was for what Maelshyve might do to the chalice and grimoire if we couldn’t recover it.

After our more ingenious adventurers solved the necessary puzzles to get down to where Archrost was, we ran into yet more undead critters- including lachs, which proved needful to complete the journey. I would not advise a visit here for anyone who is not a strong fighter- the lachs are powerful, and there is another creature here who can snap-cast Huldah’s Pall and Curse of Zachriedek.

Archrost taunted us while he was busy with the grimoire and chalice, telling us we had just come to watch our power be destroyed. None of us bothered really to answer him- it was clear he was quite mad. But it was then that he discovered that the power he thought he had would destroy him. The chalice was recovered after Maelshyve took his head then wanderred off.

Many of us took the opportunity to inspect the grimmoire that Brivibas had been so concerned about. Brivibas had been careful to speak to us clerics privately concerning it.

I have not yet had a chance to test this ability that the grimmoire spoke of- but it does seem promising.

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfsdaughter