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Posted by on 2003 Nov 24 |

Velmix: A lady’s man?

(147 Shorka 374)

Forgive the lateness of this report, Gentle Readers: I can only plead weariness after the events of last night.

Last night at the request of Prince Vorclaf I sought audience with the Ferdahl to tell her what I’ve seen of the spirit dancers and other creatures who have been attacking our more prominent citizens. I did not get to speak with Her Majesty, but I did talk with Commander Kirew. As he is in charge of security for the royal court of Ilithi, perhaps it is a good thing.After the commander and I had finished our interview, we stood in the stairwell speaking some more. It was then that I saw Velmix stretching his hand out toward me, and felt him taking part of my spirit and life force. It took me some while to recover from the stun. By the time I did, I was hearing reports over the gwethdesuan of other powerful women of assorted guilds experiencing much the same thing, though the men did not give such reports. Among the others effected were Daxlynn, Gweneviere, and Morganbin.

I asked Amaldur- a worthy moon mage- if his guild had access to knowledge of such abilities. He told me he didn’t, but he would think of what I had told him about this decidedly disturbing pattern.

Today I will see if I can learn anything about the extent of this spirit-drain that Velmix had caused.

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfsdaughter.

[Editor’s Note: In the Crossing, a number of women were also drained by the Necromancer, perhaps near the same time. I was touched twice last night with his unholy ability. We stood about the Town Green discussing why it seemed to only be ladies. I mean, we would just love to share the ‘attention’ you know? ~Dreamheart]