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Posted by on 2004 Feb 17 |

A Hot Time in Old Ilithi-Town Tonight!

(83 Lirisa 375)
Last evening Velmix and Jomay were seen about their fortress, and were a great deal more active than they had been of late. Jourok’s parrot was also seen, but the pirate did not show himself while I was watching.

Jomay attempted to force-shift Ithlia several times. The belief is that the force-shift was attempted toward stone. However, Daxlynn managed to drag Ithlia away and break the link. Wulfcat WAS force-shifted in his gender. Fortunately one of our local healers was able to set that arright.
Velmix then started sending his fog around to the local triage spots, and stealing bits and pieces of spirits- strong women again as usual. Among those effected were Krystha, Renala, and myself. I was not actually harmed beyond the stun: I had cast a massive self-vigil against such an eventuality. But the experience was not pleasant.

A small force of us gathered and went to the fortress to lay in ambush, where Velmix in short order got his neck burned away by Dragon’s Breath and Jomay died soon afterwards after having been ice-patched and otherwise cast against. A number of gelv cyclops showed up immediately afterwards, but after Pathian grabbed Velmix’ staff we got out of the area, having accomplished our objective.

The staff exploded and set Pathian on fire as he was examining it, but he had the presence of mind to drop and roll. He was healed immediately afterwards.

After that, events calmed back down except for the usual banter. One would think that that was the end of the excitement. But that was not so.

I was roaming around the city making sure things were indeed really clear and stopped into Stormwill Tower- where I came across Tigron. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised to see the other, but when I asked what I could do for him he growled at me and ran off.

I couldn’t keep track of him, so I found a group of our people who had cast a Shadewatch mirror on him. We watched as he ran about the city and seemed to be visiting all of the guilds in turn- at least, those that he had access to. He eventually got annoyed at the mirror and wrote in the dirt that he had noted all of us, and would kill us if he saw us in a mirror again.

He disappeared out of mirror-sight then, but a few of us did get to meet a lady s’kra who seems to know him, and indeed speaks for him as he is unable to speak for himself. She warned us to guard our bards, and not to anger Tigron again. She also said that Tigron had come to collect on a boon he had been promised. None of us quite knew what he meant, but I had a conversation earlier with a friend that has given me a few hints. I cannot say more on that matter, as it was held under a promise of confidentiality.

I would not be surprised if we see a lot more action in the near future on many sides.

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfdaughter