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Posted by on 2004 Feb 26 |

Confusion in Crossing’s Bard Hall

(122 Shorka 375)

Well, I was confused, at least. When I ducked into the Crossing guild’s performance hall last night, I find it in an even greater flurry of activity than usual. I soon discovered that I’d arrived right on the heels of some less welcome visitors. Two thugs had apparently infiltrated the guild just moments before, through some portal of their own creation, and had carried off a young bard named Tasdrean (er, I think that was his name). It was all practically in the blink of an eye, so it seems, leaving a roomful of confounded bards blinking at each other. Nobody seemed to even know who this Tasdrean was or why an apparent novice would be the target of a kidnapping. Fortunately, Silvyrfrost’s arrival brought a few answers, at least. It turns out that Tasdrean was actually a songsworn, there to protect Silvy or somesuch.

Anyhow, the kidnapping attempt was soon foiled. Eventually, I guess a few of our bards, with a bit of help from our friendly neighborhood militia, were able to track the thugs down to Aesthene’s Close and rescue Tasdrean. Happy ending, pats on backs, and I continued being confused. Now, I’m pretty sure people had figured out who was behind it, but I unfortunately have a bad mind for names. I think it supposedly was some mercenary person who had some history of hanging around in Aesthene’s Close. Oh, there was also suspicion that Medmaev had a hand, I think. I was kind of confused though…if there’s anyone who could add a little clarity to this story, it’d be quite welcome.