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Posted by on 2004 Apr 11 |

Crossing Beats Back Enemies-Twice

(302 Skullcleaver 375)

The Crossing saw not one, but two huge three-pronged coordinated attacks; the West Gate with Naarg’s forces, the North Gate with Jomay’s, and the Northeast Gate with Grishnok’s.

The two attacks were seperated by quite a few anlaes, but they were not easy. The last one included Cyclops and Sky Giants coming down the Northern Trade Route to reinforce the enemies at the gates of the City.Zoluren forces beat back all the enemies. Emergency triage for the West Gate was in the Ushnish Shrine where both the living and the dead were cared for.

The Healerie was site of more triage for both wounded and those struck down from the Northeast Gate and the Northern Trade Route, and of course, the Cleric Guild itself gave care to many of the fallen, as well.

The village of Kaerna has erected gates on the north and south ends of it.

Our Commanders and their squads are acting instantly as threats appear. There is much to be proud of.