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Posted by on 2004 Feb 25 |

Disturbing visions

(121 Shorka 375)

Early this morning we Moon Mages received a disturbing vision. The following account is a record of this vision. We don’t know who it is in this vision as of yet and speculation runs rampant.

Moon mages saw:A blast of intense heat forces you to shield your face, a raging torrent of flames engulfing you fully. Through tear-soaked eyes, you can just make out the terrain surrounding you. Dotted with bubbling pools of stench-ridden filth set aflame, the area appears devoid of life, save for the multitude of dancing fires rising from the ground and falling chaotically from the sky. Through the haze you can just make out the image of a solitary figure walking unscathed through the flaming torrent, dressed only in a thin, white robe.

Smoke stings your eyes and fills your nostrils, making breathing nearly impossible as the figure moves closer, each step becoming slower and more difficult. As you squint to see through the murky haze, you watch in horror as the figure steps purposefully into one of the burning pools. Flames burst forth, gushing high into the sky as agonizing screams of torment and pain fill the air with such intensity that you can do nothing but observe what can only be the demise of a lonely, lost soul.

A cool breeze flows over you followed by a quick, gentle rain that washes away nearly all memory of your vision. Your eyes can still faintly see the charred, blackened body writhing on the ground. Consigned that death will soon end this poor creature’s agony, you turn away, unable to watch further. The sound of shuffling sand draws your attention back to the blackened mound of smoldering tissue and bone. Slowly the charred figure begins to stir, heat-blasted skin cracking apart and falling to the ground in grotesque chunks, revealing new, unscarred flesh beneath.

Your vision shifts back to the present as your memory attempts to abate the sickening feeling in your stomach, removing the more horrifying moments to a section of your brain where only nightmares are born. You rub your eyes in an attempt to focus on the world around you as the face of the burning figure flashes briefly in your mind, whole, unburned, and smiling in triumph.

I’ve a feeling this will affect all of us. We should prepare for the worst. It would seem to me a great enemy has been resurrected….