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Posted by on 2004 Jan 30 |

Enemies Gather, Crossing Prepares

(16 Akroeg 375)

I awoke at dawn to the news that Jourok, Grishnok, Bretari, Jomay, and Wyren were gathered at the Fortress in Dirge; and they were collecting Mammoths and spirit dancers. Velmix was near, mages told us.

Mithyl had a mirror on them and reported that a Cyclops commander reported to them that troops were moving from the south and I think that someone reported they said they were meeting with “ogre friends” and group together.Why they would allow themselves to be magically watched is unclear, and as of this writing, the Crossing is gathering some forces and watching to see what is going to happen next.

Is it a ploy to see what the Crossing will do to prepare? Or are they actually giving out advance notice of a fearsome attack?

As I work at the Tavern today, I hope people will keep Baresh and I posted with the news.