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Posted by on 2004 Apr 3 |

Enemy Attacks in Therengia and Zoluren

(269 Moliko 375)

Therenborough was plagued by gypsies raiding it last night, and even Talorc was spotted, news reports told us.

Riverhaven held back pirates and other enemy forces. Velmix’s activity was present with that awful fog near the tower, and all over the Crossing.

And then one of Grishnok’s units and one of Jomay’s units started marching from the Dirge Fortress south down the Northern Trade Route. Zoluren commanders quickly put their commands into place with many defenders and both units were utterly demolished before they could get past Kaerna.

There were many deaths, but the enemy was defeated soundly.

When a clever moon mage was able to catch the enemy with a Shade Watch Mirror, those present witnessed Jomay and Jourok scolding Grishnok. It seems Grishnok took the troops out for an ‘unauthorized’ attack.

Jourok said to Jomay, “Lassy, da laddy don flipp’d ‘is lid.”

Jomay gestured at Grishnok, Grishnok gasped and gave Jomay a startled look. When she touched Grishnok, her face revealed her distaste, but her voice was almost tender sounding.

Jomay tenderly said to Grishnok, “Soon it will be time.”

Jomay gestured again; Grishnok wobbled slightly and then collapsed into a deep sleep.

Jourok gave an undecipherable glance to the heap of goblin on the ground.

Jomay said to Jourok, “We take him to the island on the morrow. He has two
more transformations to happen.”

Jourok said, “Aye, da ‘singer be ready.”

“The time has to be right.” she said, then asked Jourok, “Has the … other be secured?”

Jourok replied to her, “Nae yet lassy. ‘e be ‘ard one to be find’n.”

Jomay told Jourok, “Get it done.”

Jourok says, “Ya ya.”