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Posted by on 2004 Apr 3 |

Jomay’s Army assaults Ulf’Hara Keep

(261 Moliko 375)

In a bold, flanking maneuver, Jomay initiated a daring attack upon the Ulf’hara Keep, with a force of red bear orc scouts, reivers, bandits, and several archers in support. The attacking force numbered over 100 and showed up for a surprise attack while the majority of Zoluren Defense Forces were watching the NTR for Jourok, who had been active in his fortress by Dirge.The army unit was defeated by the quick reaction of several Zoluren Cavalry officers, notably Commander Candidus and Lt. Fenance, as well as Infantry officers Commander Wordachy, Lt. Elriic, and the omnipresent Smegul. While there were moderate casualties, no serious damage was done, thank the gods.

In other news, Velmix was seen leaving Jourok’s fortress shortly before the attack.