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Posted by on 2004 Feb 1 |

Locksmith Union City Reps Names!

(25 Akroeg 375)
Today The Locksmith Union is pleased to announce an exciting expansion of the organization with the introduction of our inaugural class of Locksmith Union City Reps! Four of our finest members have been selected to oversee the operations of the Locksmith Union in each of their respective areas. If you are in need of a locksmith, lockpicks, lessons and seminars on locksmithing, or have any locksmithing or Union questions – these are the best people to see!Our goal here is to foster a good sense of community amongst the local locksmithing populations of each area and raise awareness of the Locksmith Union with potential and current customers. To do this expect to see more local locksmithing events and discussions about how best to get our services to you.

And now, without further ado, I give you our City Reps!

The Crossing: Vaetle Loeion
Vaetle is one of our earliest locksmiths, starting his tour many years ago as so many do, popping gargoyle boxes at the pond. He has since moved on to more challenging boxes and is known around Crossings as the man to see for the toughest of boxes. Vaetle says he is now ready for a new and even bigger challenge as head of our most populous locksmithing location – Locksmith Union Crossing Rep!

Riverhaven: Mackes Cultellus
Mackes made his name known during last year’s Great Box Raffle as the official leader of the Riverhaven crew. During the 30 hours of mind-boggling raffle time, Mackes and his small but dedicated band of locksmiths opened over 2000 boxes! Mackes has volunteered to lead new raids to the Throne City museum in the near future, which could potentially be a good fundraiser for the Union. His devotion and deeds for the Union in Therengia make him the obvious choice for the Locksmith Union Riverhaven Rep!

Langenfirth: Walcar Walcars
Walcar was part of the success of last year’s box raffle as well, alternately working with Mackes in Riverhaven and Kraelyst in Crossing wherever he was needed most. But Walcar has earned a colorful name for himself in his own right. He is one of a very few prominent Paladin locksmiths and has singlehandedly dispelled the myth that Locksmith Union members must charge only 4 gold for master iron lockpicks all the time. Walcar distributed his lockpicks to the waiting hands of Therengians for 5 gold Lirums each, leaving many satisfied customers, a heavy belt purse, and a thumbed nose at silly superstitions. Walcar’s work and notoriety throughout Therengia makes him the perfect candidate for the Locksmith Union Langenfirth Rep!

Shard: Silverfly Wasarbus
A longtime member of the Locksmith Union, Silverfly has been through it all with us – from box raffles to museum raids to long hours spent popping boxes at our official locales. She has donated an extraordinary amount of time as well as great prizes for our world famous raffles. More recently she has volunteered to help organize our membership list. Clearly a devoted and hardworking member, we couldn’t have been more pleased than when Silverfly’s application arrived for the Locksmith Union Shard Representative!

Congratulations to all of our new City Reps!

Kraelyst the Hand
Locksmith Union Head Rep