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Posted by on 2004 Mar 28 |

The Defenders of the Clans

(245 Moliko 375)

During the Commanders’ audience with the Prince on the 216th day of the year, Prince Vorclaf called for one or two infantry divisions, “Word has come from Tiger clan of bandit goblins led by five chieftains. We need to rout them out and eliminate these chieftains before they can command more troops.”

Commander Xixist spoke up first for the Dragoons. Lt. Ryonin then volunteered the Wolfhounds, Commander Wordachy’s unit. Here follows the story of the Dragoons’ experience on this mission. It was their first major assignment after a great deal of training and smaller patrols and skirmishes.

It began on the 225th day of the year in the hot summer month of Moliko, 375. It went on for 12 days. Night and day. What started out as a simple search and destroy mission turned into much more than they had ever anticipated. This is a brief summary of the non-stop days on mission by the many faithful members of the Dragoons.They took up strict stealth patrols in Tiger and Wolf clan as orderd and methodically ambushed their assaults, killing two chieftans in the first couple of days. The raiders insignea was a bloodshot eye, the same as Grishnoks old clan symbol and soon realized that Provincial clan uniforms were among the items procured by the raiders. During subsequent raids the third chieftan was felled.

. . . There were more goblin scouts, raiders, and marauders. The Dragoons killed them as fast as they were sighted and continued on with their stealth patrols. Day and night, they guarded, engaged, and defended.

The goblin leader Tnok, bearing the insignia of the crossed scimitars, visited and exchanged information with the Dragoons. He is an old acquaintance of Commander Xixist’s; Tnok seemed quite comfortable, yet focused. He felt the chieftans were a threat to his clan and was very forthcoming. He explained he was out hunting the rougue chieftans and wanted them dead himself. The Dragoon leaders respectfully informed him that the death of the chieftans was their mission as well and he took his leave.

When a hooded figure entered the clan and the Dragoons showed up to question him, he spoke broken common and stated that he was a halfling trader named Mirn yet he refused to show his face to anyone, even when ordered. He stated that he had a contract but had misplaced it. They could tell this was no olvi and suspected the worst but the thought of it being a possible agent of Tnoks kept them from killing it. Commander Xixist let it go to retrieve his contract.

The hooded figure returned with his caravan and displayed a trading contract. It was an obvious fraud. The contract was signed with the initial ‘R’. The Commander wondered if that might stand for Raellia.

Suddenly, people heard muffled noises coming from within the caravan itself, the decision was instantly made what to do about it. At the same moment a large raider force assaulted the assembled defenders of the Clan and the hooded figure was lost in the battle. They caught up with the hooded figure and eliminated at the brook. The caravan was found being pulled by a goblin bandit who was dispatched. Upon engaging the caravan itself it broke open releasing clansmen that had been taken captive in the raids and they were free to return to the Clan!

A soldier had witnessed the caravan with the hooded figure coming from the hunting preserve. A recon scout was sent in but found nothing. The next series of attacks became more difficult as the Dragoons’ operation became compromised due to increasing numbers of civillians wandering about the Clans and the fact that the enemy was splitting the front between all three clans by this time.

. . . There were more goblin scouts, raiders, and marauders. The Dragoons killed them as fast as they were sighted and continued on with their stealth patrols. Day and night, they guarded, engaged, and defended.

By the height of the campaign, Zoluren scouts witnessed goblin workers and an overseer entering the clan moving fast and carrying timber, rocks, and a timer apparently to tell them when to finish their task. The pikeman Jonas showed up and took a report of things and gave orders from the Keep to bolster Knife Clan defense; there were raiders sighted in the area, again.

There were several smaller attacks and then the goblins erected a barricade cutting Tiger Clan in half. This barricade was quite formidable even in its crude fashion. When it was done, there were Dragoons on both sides of the barricade, with their primary triage behind it in the Church!

At one point amidst a fight with raiders and marauders Xixist was hit from the archers on the wall. “Luckily for me,” Commander Xixist related, “Martee was alone holding the triage position in the church that was locked behind the barricade. After healing I went to assault the barricade once again and, Im not sure what it was in all the chaos, but I suddenly found myself bleeding from every part of my body.” Likely it was that awful oil they pour out over barricades.

“Of all the battle,” Command Xixist continued, “This is the moment I’ll remember best….There I was, back in the church, flat on my back, my blood everywhere, clinging to life by a thread, and alone with the empath Martee…when who runs in the door? The last Chieftan! We locked eyes and I thought that not only was I to fall, but my lone empath too. It was then I noticed the sheer terror on its face as it bolted out the door to be slain in the streets by Commander Ashatyr. I found it most amusing…”

You should hear the pride that oozes from Commander Xixist when he speaks about the Dragoons.

“No better soldiers,” he told the Prince, “Have I fought beside ever in my war-torn history. Every Dragoon present acted in a full, professional maner, took orders without question, showed temperance when needed, and utilized un-heard-of patience throughout the campaign.”

“My heart is Zoluren’s. My thoughts are guided by Your Majesty. But my spirit rides with those soldiers that I list now…” and he listed them as follows:

“Second Liutenant Anghmar, Recon Liutenant Manning, Offensive Liutenant Powerhaus, Liutenant Zanipher Sergeant Roboson, Sergeant Cyiarriah, Sergeant Melodiel, Sergeant Martee, Sergeant Suntoucher, Sergeant Shadowvixen, Moon Mage Legian, Moon Mage Sahrynar, Cleric Branwen, Cleric Necimar, Empath Thorvik,.. and two very special notes of praise go out to Warrior Mage Maxnangus whom i feel went above and beyond his duties, and of course, First Liutenant Elriic who makes my life so much easier and is solace within the chaos.”