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Posted by on 2004 Feb 5 |

Vhaerihoop in Ilithi

(39 Akroeg 375)

Last night things in Ilithi got stirred up a bit when Vhaerihoop was heard on the gweth. It seems that our koboldish friend had come home to visit his family.

That proved to be a bit more complicated than it sounds. A number of our citizens wanted to give him safe passage and set up a meeting between him and the Ferdahl. Others were all for killing him because after all, he did work for a pirate. If Vhaerihoop is to be believed- and I think he is- all he wanted was to be able to enjoy a bit of rum without being chased out of the city.He eventually went to the Fallow Fields to look for his Ma. It wasn’t easy to find him there: He has a talent for hiding, and is ranger-trained. At one point after a few of us succeeded in finding him he cast Blend. It turns out that he doesn’t like Elotheans, and has an especial grudge against the people of Aesry for giving him bad meat for his wolf Boy.

Talking with him proved to be challenging as we had to explain a number of concepts to him like ‘parlay’ and ‘uptight’. But in the end he seemed convinced that not all big people were big bad monsters. That wasn’t easy either as apparently someone- I am not sure who- had told him that the ‘big bad kitties’ would eat him. It turns out that the ‘big bad kitties’ were the lynx familiars who had been sent to follow him.

Vhaerihoop told us that not all of the pirates liked him. He couldn’t understand why he was viewed in a questionable light simply because of his employers. His Ma had taught him to be nice when he was in Ilithi, and that was one lesson he paid attention to. He ran off in a panic to look for his Ma after one of our other visitors told him his ma had been dead for years.

All in all, I ended up feeling sorry for the little guy. I hope he finds his Ma and leaves the pirates.