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Posted by on 2004 Apr 27 |

War Correspondents Needed

(368 Nissa 375)

I am looking for war correspondents on all fronts and provinces of this war that surrounds us. It has always been important to the Wren’s Nest that information and news that happens to us gets recorded for history. The tales, events, and heroes of this war with the Outcasts and the Pirates will be the stuff legends are made of!But not if they are not recorded.

You need not be an exquisite author; simply tell what happened. Baresh and I try to catch the little errors that creep into the scrolls for you, too.

I know some people post stories at the Public Forums of the Realms — but those are not saved for history nor posterity. We cherish our past here at the Wren’s Nest, and what is news today becomes valuable archival information in the tomorrows to come. For historians, for scholars, for researchers, for bards, and many others.

Generations will come back here to read what you have recorded, friends. During this war, my time is extremely limited and I just cannot keep up on it all myself.

Contact me here at the tavern, or just Submit the stories as they unfold before your eyes.

~Dreamheart Delaevan