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Posted by on 2004 Apr 8 |

War is Come

(293 Skullcleaver 375)

Grishnok declared full fledged war this day. The Prince brought us the dire news as troops headed out of the Dirge Fortress towards the Crossing.

At the same time, Raenilar’s forces were moving through Muspar’i and Therenborough was being attacked visciously.

The Crossing is under heavy seige. So far, there is no news from Ilithi. It appears to me that Raenilar hired Grishnok, Jourok, Talor, Velmix and company to mount a pitched battle for the very purpose of keeping Zoluren and Therengia from aiding Ilithi when he attacks it.

I hope more people will keep us posted as the war progresses, but it is already very dangerous in and around the Crossing.

Estimates of the enemy forces inside the old fortress at Dirge number them around 15,000 strong. Dead litter the streets and roads.

This looks worse than the Gorbesh to me.