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Posted by on 2004 Aug 1 |

An Evening of Events

(351 Dolefaren 376)
Last night proved to be rather busy, as the following account will show.

I was making my way from Ilithi and had boarded the ferry on the way to Crossing as I meant to attend the concert that night when I noticed Zoranyl’s name flash across the sky. Now- Opreina Moracul Zoranyl is not an easy man to kill, and he shouldn’t be. He had been serving as one of Prince Vorclaf’s bodyguards for some time.
I did not see the whole event myself, but what I gathered is this: He had found the former votary Wyren imprisonned in a bandit outpost and had freed him. Wyren promptly disappeared. Zoranyl then started wanderring back toward the keep when he felt something happening to the prince. He ran back into Ulf’Hara keep just in time to stop an attack against the prince and the lady Arroura Zunee- at the cost of his life.

I’m still not sure if ‘Dark Zoranyl’, Velmix, or Sidhlot is responsibble for the attack. Velmix’ recent history speaks for itself, and Sidhlot has forever been attempting to stir up trouble.

In any case, when I got back Zoranyl had already been attended by the moon mage Javers who summoned aid via the gweth, the healer Ahriana, and Lady Ketrianna who resurrected him. Candidus was also there, and he seemed thoroughly convinced that Lady Arourra had caused the attack. But Prince Vorclaf ordered him to stand down, so nothing further came of that. Although the lady was upset for some time. Lady Dreamheart, who was also a witness, was badly shaken to the point where she had trouble regaining her composure.

Fortunately, the rest of the evening was much more pleasant. Once everyone seemed settled down from the events at the keep we went to watch the jousting competition. We were most pleasantly surprised when Baron Gyfford and his guard Olivier, Lady Silvyrfrost, and Lady Snow of Ilithi were able to join us. General Kirew and Lord Diirik were with us, as well as Lady Lindryl.

Immediately after the first round of jousts, a huge cloud of darkness fell on us that left things in considerable disarray when it lifted. But with great calm and applomb lost belongings were restored and the contest continued where it was interrupted. I now salute the contestants and those who organized the tournament.

Immediately after the jousting contest, we joined Lady Dreamheart in the Arthe Dale Inn for a night of songs of love. She performed marvelously for a standing-room only crowd. When she sang ‘Where the Lotus Blossom Grew’- a song she had just recently composed- Even General Kirew was moved. And the General is a hard man. Many others were weeping openly and unashamedly for what had been lost.

Former ambassador Kulainik offered Lady Dreamheart a tip- much to all of our surprises. At first she tried to refuse it, but he insisted. So she accepted with her usual grace and gratitude.

Immediately afterwards, she sang a number of wonderful happier songs that raised our spirits. She finished the performance with a tender lullabye that sent many to sleep that night with more pleasant dreams than we had enjoyed in a long while.

The evening started with trouble, but it finished very well indeed. I fully intend to attend more concerts in the future.

By my hand, Ryeka Wolfsdaughter