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Posted by on 2004 Oct 17 |

What a Party!

(256 Moliko 377)

Deloria and Miabelle hosted an incredible party for the anniversary of the Great Migration. It was held at Winthoren Manor through the invitation-only portals. “Old-timers” who lived through the Great Migration were invited, and lots of them showed up.

Memories, wrinkles, friends, and lots of laughs and fun were shared through the night. Miabelle and Deloria really know how to throw a party!Party-goers had a number of contests they could participate in for prizes, or observe; Trivia, Bawdy Songs, Tall Tales, Costumes, and a Tournament.

Reports indicate there was still a couple dancing on the dance floor, oblivious to all, as the last party guest left.

Invitations were a gold key-shaped invitation covered with an engraved platinum web surrounded by precious gems. Upon closer inspection, the large flat key had been forged of pure gold. Delicate cobwebs spun from platinum covered most of the surface of the buttery colored precious metal. Eight sparkling multi-colored gems draw attention to a polished banner engraved in elegant script that has been left exposed.

Written upon it, “Put your best costume on for this day! A magical portal will sweep you away To a magnificent party with friends of old! All those who lived in Elanthia then Are invited this night to remember when. The First Great Migration Reunion. October 16th at 9pm ET. Bring this key to the nearest wedding portal for a night of fun! Wear your best costume and you could win a prize!”