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Posted by on 2005 Jan 15 |

The Elothean Audience

(217 Arhat 378)

The Three held an audience in Ulf’Hara about various things. You all know audiences, so I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it was a lot of talking; what I mean to say is, there was nothing as unexpected as the Seer Judge starting a dance routine involving backflips, but there was talk, and it was interesting to hear a few of the things brought up.Those present were Protectorate Viirin, Leader Osur and Seer Judge Osiinth, of course, of the Three; General Kirew, former guardsman of Kukalakai; three of the candidates for Ferdahl, Sidune, Kulainik and Endsalka; and the envoy from the Mountain Elves, Getalva.

First thing seemed to be that they have the intention of sending someone, probably Endsalka, to Morganae’s court. To guess from the envoy’s comment on the subject, a few others will be allowed to go, as well, though further details haven’t been revealed.

The second thing was that they are close to selecting the new Ferdahl, and that the choice has come down to a few field tests for the final determination. The visit to the mountains will be Endsalka’s test, from what I gathered; what Kulainik and Sidune will have to do remains to be seen.

Those were the two main points during the audience proper. After these, audience members were given a chance to step forward on the dais and say whatever it was they wanted to say, as is standard practice at these things. Two commanders, Windreaper and Thangor, were re-enstated, it was confirmed that Elothean culture is not, in fact, going to go belly-up with the loss of Shard, even if the Three *did* have any intention of surrendering it, someone asked for the history of Undershard, and the checkpoint was asked about again. No one knows about the checkpoint — did Raenilar just decide he didn’t want to bother? Suppose we’ll all see.

Everything went without much of a hitch. After the audience, when those on the dais came down to chat for a while, the news came out that former lieutenant Yoneimo has been captured and thrown into the Great Tower dungeon. This was new news to the Three, I think; how they’ll act on it is another one of those things time will tell on.

All in all, it was fairly short, fairly informative. I’m waiting for them to actually *choose* a candidate. I hope I can catch a mirror for the mountain visit thing, because I have a feeling it will be interesting.