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Posted by on 2005 Apr 3 |

Goblins Attack Crossing’s West Gate, While…

(129 Shorka 379 – Crossing, Zoluren)

A goblin tribe or possibly as many as three invaded Crossing through the west gate on this day.

There were at least three Goblin Princes accounted for along with numerous Goblin Archers and Warriors. There was also a small force of Goblin Warlords.

What made this invasion atypical is that a group of rock trolls, ogres, and rock guardians invaded after the first anlaen at the Northeast Gate.This was not a serious threat, and was mainly confined to the NTR. Only a couple of trolls entered town. However it seemed to be a feint to draw off defenders from the west gate.

For as this was happening, another heavy wave attacked the west gate.

Overall the defenders were well organized and there were few casualities. High regards go to the Dragoons for their presence at the west gate and being in the thick of it.

~ Salute ~

Commander Candidus
Zoluren Cavalry