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Posted by on 2005 Jun 1 |

Visions; A lesson learned?

(368 Nissa 379)

Last night visions were received by moon mages throughout the provinces. I was in attendance as one kind mage shared what she had seen in the stars.

These are the visions as quoted by the mage.

First she saw… The scenery suddenly erupts outward as a fluttering rift forms in the air before me, a wave of intense heat flowing over me like the blast of a forge fire while a blinding radiance fills the area, blocking everything but the light from my eyes. My vision slowly regains focus as I peer through the fissure across a vast desert where upon a single vast dune stands a lone figure, an Elven male, his features marked by his deep penetrating gold-flecked blue eyes, and the detailed tattoo displayed across his neck. His eyes turn southward toward the sound of battle, though I can see nothing but the view of the southern horizon behind me.

And then…Listening intently, one can hear the cries of those struck fatally as their final breath escapes their bodies. With a heavy sigh of despair the figure’s head lowers slightly, slowly shaking from side to side as a single teardrop falls to the sand at his feet, evaporating quickly in the hot desert air. He turns, stepping lightly as he makes his descent, his golden-brown hair the last image I see before an eruption echoes all around me followed by a single bolt of lightning striking exactly where I estimate the figure to be. I race in the direction of the blast, finding a smoldering crater and the man laying dead within it, though seemingly undamaged from the blast yet, changed somehow.

And lastly…Splayed across his forehead lay prominent silver streaks of matted, sweat-soaked hair. His face now looks haggard and worn as if age were beginning to take its toll. No longer does the incredibly crafted tattoo colorfully decorate his flesh, replaced by the single image of a flame-wreathed roaring lion carefully burned into the skin on the right side of his neck. Just as quickly as the lightning fell from the sky, the sand erupts around the prone figure drawing him deep into the earth until nothing remains but the charred smoldering hole and the stench of ozone. I turn back towards the fissure to see it closing as my vision returns to the world around me.”

Shortly after, Raenilar — who we assumed to be the man in the vision, died unexpectedly. Location attempts found him in the desert at a curious rock circle, and then later at a temple. Further attempts to locate and contact the man went unsuccessful by the group I was with. On the gweths someone reported that the warrior king blamed it on ‘fate’ and a ‘lesson tought’.