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Posted by on 2005 Sep 28 |

Death of a Dignitary

(Therengia: 41 Ka’len 381)

Awakened by several frantic pidgeons flying around my head. I was called to come to the Keep to help with the death of Commander Jayrbee and Chamberlain Elak. Running up the road to the Theren from Lang, I passed several slavers on the way to the Keep. Upon arriving, I ran past many more slavers within the Keep grounds. After wandering a little I found Commander Gwenddolyn at the grave site of our Chamberlain Elak. Shocked, I asked her what had happened.She explained that the Chamberlain had been killed, and walked the starry roads. While I was standing with her, a footpad came in and left. The Commander gave chase and it was then the footpad started to kill all around us. I ran back to the gravesite, where a banner was in place to wait it out. After gathering the items belonging to the Chamberlain, I found the others to take care of the dead.

It was later found out, a torn yellow badge with black gypsy knotwork wrapped around a skull, had been thrown at the feet of Commander Gwenddolyn. I can only speculate at this point, that the badge represented the Prince Saeward.

~Ambassador Ketrianna Der’lebury