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Posted by on 2006 Jan 8 |

A Chase on the Sea and a Pilfered Princess

(52 Ka’len 382)

Last evening, I followed my close friend Blessoval at his request as he went to attend Prince Vorclaf as was his sworn duty. Outside Ulf’hara a small group had already gathered, including a cowled, strange-speaking visitor searching for some Princess that he could neither name nor describe.Honestly, I do not purrsonally care what happens to Prince Vorclaf or anyone who claims to own land such as he does. But even so, I kept my ears open to what was happening, for Blessoval’s sake.

After a confusing parlay between the Prince and the visitor in which nothing was gleaned other than some Princess was in danger and not safe in the Prince’s keeping. As this banter was going on, thoughts on the gweth became frantic as Pirates landed on Crossing shores. They had taken some people who’s names I don’t recognize; Lindryl, Arilana, and her escort.

Shortly after Vorclaf was notified of this, he set off for the nearest sailing vessel to chase down these invaders. Blessoval followed, and thus I did, to keep him safe.

We did not catch them. Their ship was too fast, or ours too slow. Either way, they were out of sight, and we succeeded only in treading water. The order was given to return home. Tension was in the air on the trip back. Vorclaf and the cowled stranger argued about who was to blame for what happened.

We returned home safe, much to my relief. I’m not prepared to die for this Prince, and neither am I prepared to witness my dear friend do so.
What will happen now, only the Gods know.