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Posted by on 2006 Jan 12 |

A Seaside Proposal

(67 Ka’len 382)

“Arilana…. will you marry me, and whatever the future brings to us, weather it with me, beside me, in all things, until we pass amongst the gods?” Were his words.

Blessoval stood nearby his Prince, both of their bodies still wearing the scars and bruises from the attack at sea, as Vorclaf spoke these words to the Elven lady we had just rescued. I recognized her as the one I had brushed by in the marketplace some few days before all this began. So this is the Arilana they had been speaking of.Surprise registered on every face gathered, including the woman’s foreign mother, but not without warmth. A Queen, they said she was. Moments earlier, her mate – another Merelew that had sailed with us on this dangerous voyage – had leapt off the dock in a fit of outrage. He disappeared under the waves and did not emerge.

My own body carries signs of the battle we survived, and my arms ache terribly from the work of loading the mangonels, but I will part with what knowledge I can before I go to tend my wounds.

My dear friend was once again alerted that his Prince might emerge from the Keep, and so went there immediately. Again, I was purrsuaded to join him, though I was more than a little apprehensive at the thought of it. I do not want my own displeasure about the man to which he kneels to destroy whatever favor that man has in Blessoval. Still, he asked me along, and I went, vowing to keep my opinions silent for the time being.

We waited by the Keep, and soon indeed, Prince Vorclaf did come out to greet the sizable group of people that awaited him. Instantly, Blessoval went to his knees, but I was able to hold my fury in check. The Prince announced that we would soon be greeted by visitors, and sent an honor guard out to welcome them. As we are not affiliated with any of the local military, that left myself, and my dear friend alone with the royal leader. How I wanted to address him then! To ask him why he saw himself fit to lead, fit to have others bow to him. But I remained silent. Instead, Blessoval offered a comforting word to the obviously distressed Prince.

We were soon enjoined by these visitors, two Merelew men. One I recognized, the other I would soon come to know as the Merelew king – a man as arrogant as any that I’ve ever known.

The voyage began soon after, as we left on a ship called the Flower with a destination of Hara’Jaal – some island inhabited by pirates. Battle met us on the high seas, as goblin pirates boarded us and laid waste. With no healer on board, our strongest were devastated. I tried to help, but alas, I am a young ranger still, and my arrows found no mark. Dear Blessoval also found his skills horribly inadequate as the goblins attacked him, wounding him terribly as he attempted to keep his Prince from harm. Fire rained from the sky, and everyone fought the flames off their clothing and skin frantically.

Honestly, I do not know how we survived. I retreated to the cabins, Blessoval with me, to aid the fallen and wounded with wards and herbs. There we found the Merelew King sitting on his royal arse, complaining about how this was all Vorclaf’s fault. I thought before that nothing could have sickened me more than the sight of my sweet friend kneeling in the dirt before another man no greater than he. I know now how mistaken I was, for seeing this man sitting comfortably as people died around him – died to rescue his daughter – and blaming them for their inadequacies was just too much.

Somehow, Thank Damaris, we survived, and landed on the Pirate island. More carnage ensued as our already wounded warriors boarded the ship of someone named Molphant. After that was taken care of, we regrouped, and searched the island. We wandered aimlessly for what seemed like hours, and found the captive Lindryl, Jinxes, and Arilana at long last.

It was a bitter-sweet victory that ended with a betrothal. I wonder what the Merelew king will do now. I do not think we have seen the last of him.