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Posted by on 2006 Jun 24 |

Lord Gyfford and Warrior King Raenilar hold court in Theren

(320 Dolefaren 383)

In a surprise visit the Warrior King Raenilar shared the dais with Lord Gyfford during last evenings open court. According to the Warrior King himself his official visit is for the purpose working with Lord Gyfford to create a formal treaty between the peoples of Therengia and those of the Outcast tribes.A number of topics were discussed most are too mundane to go into any length here such as finding a suitable commander for some of the local militias. The formal creation of embassies was also a topic that was of some interest, although nothing formal was decided and it appeared that finances might prove to be its undoing. The threat of Xerasyth facing Ilithi seemed to be a prime topic and the Warrior King offered to solve the problem saying that he has a solution for necromancers. Although Ilithi accepting his help seems unlikely. More likely, Lord Gyfford will send siege engines to Shard who had their destroyed in the war to make tent posts.

Lastly, the local play The Rose of Therengia which will be playing shortly was discussed in which the Warrior King indicated his interest in attending. If so, it would indicate that King Raenilar and his court will be staying as a guest of the Baron for some time in order to make headway in creating a formal treaty.