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Posted by on 2006 Jun 20 |

Undead Take Foothold in Riverhaven Area!

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 304 Skullcleaver 383)

The undead have continued to plague Riverhaven in recent weeks prompting speculation that the forces that would see the undead have a greater sphere of influence in the area are preparing for major offensive.Recently, undead goblins took control of tracts of land that were previously controlled by a goblin tribe in the northern sections of Riverhaven wild lands. This alone was enough to cause nervousness among some of the townsfolk. A local resident who only gave his first name as Rokler has this to say.

‘Wif the cursed Zaulfung so damn close undead taint nothing new. First, goblins turning undead and then we getting attacked damn near weekly wit them other dead makes me nervous.”

The other dead being referred to is the sudden upswing in attacks by greater skeletons, hafwa, and recently plague wraths none of which are known to inhabit the local area.

However, scouts for the city may have gleamed some insight into exactly what is going on. There have been unconfirmed reports that the well known gnome necromancer Alamgir has recently been sited in negotiations with leaders of at least one of the local goblin tribes. The specifics terms of these talks are currently unknown however with recent foothold the undead goblins have made there is speculation that the tribe seeks to insure their long term survival by offering up their dead to Alamgir.

More news as it happens.