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Posted by on 2013 Oct 26 |

Song Scrolls for Chorus

Some of our old standards in the Bard Guild arranged for a chorus are below. Using them in this manner lets us add some power to their meaning by having an entire chorus of singers perform for the upcoming Song Vigil for Peri’el tonight at 9pm at the Peri’el altar in the Eyes of the Thirteen.

A huge thank you to Shenney for helping to convert some of these!

**Special note to Genie users – the multiple line chorus verb is NOT SUPPORTED like SING is. You will need to put a \ backslash character before each semicolon for it to work properly in Genie (only).

Peri’el’s Song Song of Peri’el Sleeping Fire Slumber Eternal Sacrifice Traditional Ru’atin Song of Praises to Peri’el