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Posted by on 2013 Oct 9 |

Recovery …

As I start towards the path of recovering back Empathy darkened I suppose I should start by relinquishing my Guardian Spirit, Hornet, of any blame for this.  Hunting is new to me.  And the skunks that happen into the gargoyle area just also happened to be in front of my weapon.  It is purely by my own fault that they ended up dead and skinned.

That being said, it shouldn’t now startle me to find that when I cast healing spells they are less effective by my deadly maneuvers and careless behavior with a weapon.  And I know what needs to be done.  I either burden a fellow Empath with the sharing of the shock that I have brought upon myself or I go to find Nadigo.  Since this darkness is of my own hand and done by carelessness I feel that asking for the help of friends would be the selfish easy path to my redemption and regaining the ease of healing I once knew.  So it is with maps in hand and an idea of where Nadigo resides that I set out to find the seed of the Vela’Tohr to nurture and help restore my Empathy.  By my side are trusted friends Dreamheart and Xixist.  I am grateful to have them along for this part of my journey.  They don’t judge me for the deaths I caused and keep me laughing even though I am nervous to speak to Nadigo.

Upon finding him on the Vela’Tohr Edge in a secluded grove I ask him about the shock I have undergone and he strings the seed of a vela’tohr plant onto a medallion for me.  Explaining to me that it is now my duty to care for it.  I am advised that meditation on this seed will bestow life energy and that I must find a peaceful, forested places with and abundance of life mana in order for the seed to respond.   The seed can be picky, and won’t respond to some places that I  might expect they’d like. They also don’t usually respond to the same spot or even the same area once I’ve meditated there. I may have to meditate on the seed in many different places before a bond will form. Every seed is different. He tells me when it happens, though, I’ll know. Bring the seed back to him then, and he will germinate it for me.  Nodding to him graciously we depart and head back to Crossing.  My fist clenched around the seed and my hope of restoring back to myself the Empathy darkened through death.