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Posted by on 2014 Mar 28 |

The Long Forgotten, Greater Evil

The world saw fit to fight necromancy; abolish it among the provinces, and declare them outlaws.  Sorcerors.  Things to be hated and despised.

And yet, in a world of villians and evil, where is the good?  Where are the heroes, who’s example can be followed?

Those men and women wear a laurel and lion’s claw crest, a badge of honor over their left breast.

These men and women, they are known as the Emerald Knights.

Aye, while you slept, the Emerald Knights kept the Watch on Corik’s Wall, ensuring the evil of the Dark Hand did not pervade into the world.  An evil which Lyras herself was shaken to her core by, and who Xerascyth was mortally afraid.

An evil which single-handedly toppled the greatest tower and fortification the land has ever, or will ever, see.  An evil which constantly threatens all life in the world.

The next time you see a ranger or a paladin wearing a badge with a laurel and lion’s crest, stop them.  And thank them.  These brave men and women have pledged a service to defend you from an evil you probably didn’t know existed.  One that constantly threatens to consume the world.