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Posted by on 2014 Jun 25 |

The stains of guilt

The stains of guilt

Guilt.  Innocence.

Such a simple thing, to be decided by a court.  Sometimes, by a court who has no real idea what actually transpired, and bases it’s decision solely on the testimony of others.  Others who are, sometimes, swayed.


A simple trap, which, in my haste, I did not recognize.  And so, as the chlorine began to fill my lungs, and several bystanders called out for my arrest, I knew there was but one honorable solution.  I didn’t need to fall on my sword, this time, so I did what any man of honor would do.


I surrendered myself to the city guard, and plead guilty in the court, explaining to the judge my error.  For my honesty, he fined me and set me free without another word.