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Posted by on 2014 Mar 5 |

Winter’s Kiss

In the dark of night, long before the rising sun, I woke from my slumber.  It was quiet in camp, far quieter than it should have been.

I realized why I had woken; the fire, which was set to bank and burn the night away, had died, and the chill in the winter air had begun to frost everything over.  Grumbling to myself, and gazing at the sky, I felt I had several more anlaen of rest before I had to continue with the next day’s journey.

Withdrawing myself from my nest of blankets and coverings, I added a bit of kindling and a few logs to the fire, and was quickly able to coax it back to life, already emitting a strong, steady heat.  Smiling, I turned back to my makeshift leanto and began the process of embedding myself once again.

Moments before I dozed, I felt a small wetness on my face.  Blinking awake, I gazed at the sky and realized the first snow of the season was upon me.