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Posted by on 1999 Jul 1 |

A Brief Search

(33 Arhat 358 SV: 19 of 19)

Dear Reader:

This journal  entry’s length will be short indeed for it the day has been spent in fruitless search of leads to the Slavers that may travel between Crossings and Ratha.  I should scratch this out and start again, for fruitless is too harsh of phrase.  Today has indeed prove worthwhile for we have determined where the Slavers are apparently not.

Damaria and I spent several days hoping again to find Fumbo who had disappeared on the morning’s light.  Once again, my feet began to itch, but fearing to leave the child without guardian I hesitated to act.  Now a week gone, we’ve traveled to Crossings in hopes of finding leads for the wagon’s appearance.

On the road south, just before the North East Gates, we ran into a good halfling ranger by the name of Filibert.  He’s a good soul whom we’ve had dealings with before, and the cheerful laughter he was known for helped boost our spirits.  Though the Healer had need to travel elsewhere, Filibert agreed to search the docks and byways of the city with me.

We checked every dock we could find, from the shipyard gates to the western barges.  Not one proved to have a hint of peculiar happenings about it.  We even traveled westward to the Tiger and Knife Clans to see if those worthy barbarians had experienced any raids of yet.  Here also nothing seemed amiss.  I was discouraged but Filibert had words of wisdom: “At least we now know where they aren’t.”

A letter was sent to me from Shard, written by Chartaine who had traveled there recently.  It stated that there was no evidence of slavers in that far southern city.  Surely such a sight as this Wagon would be could not vanish into the air itself?

I shall continue searching, good Reader, and beg your patience on this side venture.  I will write again only when I have something more than nothing to report.