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Posted by on 1999 Jul 18 |

Departing Ratha For Crossing

(25 Shorka 358 SV: 2 of 19)

Dear Reader,

Four days of ocean travel, and I have found myself thankfully in  Crossings.  Though, with the amount of water pouring from the heavens, I might as well still be at sea.  We will hold up here in the Half-pint Inn until the skies clear and enable dry passage once again.  There is little doubt we”ll have plenty of time for outdoor living when Inn”s are far apart.

From Aesry to Ratha, the trip was uneventful though dreadfully long.  The sporadic schedule of the Halasa Selhin and great distances involved were the culprits.  I was fortunate to have the company of one Worrclan.  A dwarven fellow free with his grog and his tales.  He had fallen asleep on the ship and missed disembarking in Aesry and was riding back to Ratha in order to start again…a fate we both agreed not to wish upon our enemies.

I promised to look him up in his home of Riverhaven when the quest took me through there.

Ratha”s steep cliffs and three-fold tiers were definitely a blessing. Twice more for seeing Damaria upon the dock when I stepped off.  She had  managed an earlier ship and her warm, welcoming, arms made me happy she had done so.

We spent a day looking at the shops, specifically the newly opened  “Majic Supplies” store on the third tier.  Mindful of expenses that will arise, I held off on purchasing any of the runes, charms, and Gaethzens.  I did notice Damaria slip coins to the store owner and pocket a scroll. “Something to study upon the trip to Therenborough.”


The Seerah proved more reliable.  At least one could trust its  published schedule to be accurate.  The weather began to turn as we pulled away from the Neh Dock and we spent the journey under a makeshift tent of sail and tackle.  The crew, for the most part, ignored us and we ignored them.  The rain was steady but the sea was not so we kept to a silent vigil.

We will not stay long here in Crossings.  At least not on this early lag of the trip.  Just long enough for us and the roads to dry out and to gather supplies readily available.  Damaria is beside me making a list of all the possible herbs and unguents we may need.  I can only hope her foraging is of greater skill than my poor novice abilities.

I”ll not bother you with our plans of foraging, but set aside quill for now and enjoy the fleeting peace of quest”s prologue.  The North beckons.   My feet are beginning to itch despite my resolve not to rush through this journey.  The Quest still calls and I see Damaria is setting aside her quill as well.  Till next, gentle reader.