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Posted by on 1999 Jul 9 |

Marauders and Humility

(20 Uthmor 358 SV: 11 of 19)

Dear Reader:

I have, at last, managed to track down a Gypsy Marauder and faced him in combat.  While I was graced with victory, I was also handed a quick lesson in humility at the same time.  More on that last later, but first I will go into the details of the combat.

The Marauders stalk west of Therenborough Village along the base of the Ker’leor.  North of where you find the Morah vines in plenitude, there is a road named (quite aptly) the Gypsy Road.  These rapscallions can be found all the way to the protective wall, but they are most commonly found along this route.

marauder1I would not classify the Marauder’s as true monsters, for they appear human in form and are simply of a villainous nature.  I must believe that these Gypsy’s are actually misfits from their culture for I have heard the laughter and sweet music that wafts from their camps.  Surely such an artistic people would cherish life on a whole rather than seek to snuff it like a candle.

However, one just has to look upon a Marauder’s hate-filled face to see he is stricken with a lust for murder and mayhem.  There’s little doubt that this emotion is directed to all they perceive as interlopers in Gypsy territory, and they are very confident in their abilities to deal with any intruders.  Perhaps to the point of overconfidence for it produces an expression of surprise upon their face as they die.

Do not take them lightly, for they are the most difficult creature so far faced here in Therengia.  A Marauder is well equipped with a chain shirt, shield, and hunting sword in hand to deal with foes.  Despite the heavy nature of their armor, these disagreeable gypsies’ combat style is very speedy.  They dodge blows quite easily and can parry with a superb expertise.  Their own sword-strikes land with good precision and their rage adds to the damage.

I found them to be good foes, but I could step aside from their thrusts with ease when we were fighting one on one.  They received the worse from my axe, but when I attempted to brawl with the Marauder, I could not lay a finger upon them for how fast he danced around me. When they did hit, it would be with decent damage as the hunting sword they carry is a heavy bladed weapon.

This lesson was driven home when I was leaving Ker’leor after facing several of the Marauders.  I stumbled upon one alone and managed to lure him southward where I could find a bit more holy Mana.  My intent was to test the Smite Shield against his chain mail.  He followed me and I started the battle…yet in the middle of it, several Morah Vines joined us.  I could swear the Marauder smirked for soon I was facing not only it but every piece of vegetation in the field around me.

I turned to focus upon the vines and the multitude of creepers, and managed to let the Marauder outflank me.  With several quick strikes it reduced my left leg to a shattered ruin.  In truth, I did not notice this till I felt the blood filling my boots. There was nothing to do but throw up a Banner of Truce and make my way from the field.  Once in front the gates of Therenborough, I could not tend the leg for how ravaged it was.  I did, however, manage to limp to the empath’s cottage for timely healing.

My lesson in humility was this: Even if a foe seems to be beneath one, always treat it with respect.  I was foolish thinking I could handle alone so many creatures at once without harm.  My mistake was in playing and experimenting when I should have been fighting.

We have reached the end of the creatures so near Therenborough and will soon head southward to Langenfirth.  We will stop first halfway between the two towns to investigate the multitude of creatures to the east of El’Baines.  Mind you that there are Wood Trolls also that hunt the area around Ker’leor.  I have faced them, but will not describe them just yet in this journal until I reach those packs that are so plentiful around Crossings.

Until next entry, good Reader, I wish you safe paths.